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UCCS Meal Plans

Meal Plan Glossary

Pay using your Lion Onecard

  1. Download the UCCS Moble App
    • Download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
    • Once downloaded, open the UCCS Mobile App and switch your profile to "Current Students" by clicking on the icon at the top right, selecting "My Persona" and then selecting "Current Student".
    • Use your UCCS credentials to log in.
  2. Within the UCCS Mobile App, download the Transact eAccounts App
    • In the UCCS Mobile App, click on the Mobile ID Icon, click the “Launch” button the eAccounts by Transact section. It will reroute you to the app store where you can download the app to your device. 
    • Once downloaded, open the app and search via state “Colorado” and University of Colorado Colorado Springs should appear. Click on “UCCS SSO” it should take you to a login page.
    • Use your UCCS credentials to login.
  3. Upload Your Photo
    • Upload your ID photo to the Transact eAccounts App and wait for an approval email within the day
    • To upload your photo, click the settings button in the upper right corner and select “Submit a photo” from there follow the instructions.
  4. Add Your ID Card To Your Apple Wallet or Google Pay
    • Once logged in you should see a button that says “Add to Apple Wallet or “Add to GPay”- select that and proceed through the last couple steps.
    • You should see a message that says it has been added to Apple Wallet or GPay and you can now close Transact eAccounts and start using your phone in place of your physical Lion OneCard.