• It's our mission to always prepare safe and healthy food.

    We're committed to safe food practices to keep you safe and healthy. 

  • Learn about Clyde's Cash

    We offer multiple meal plans and ways to pay. Learn about the benefits of Clyde's Cash, as well as how to gain bonus Clyde's Cash when buying. 

  • Learn more about how we prepare your home cooked meals.

    Miss your home cooking? We understand. Throughout the year we prepare meals our students submit so you can get a taste of home right here in Colorado Springs. 

  • We take your health seriously.

    We offer three free consultations with our dietician for students so they may learn more about nutrition and how to plan for a healthy daily diet. 

  • We're here to answer your questions.

    Have a question? We'd love to answer it. Take a look at the questions we get asked most frequently each semester.

  • Have a direct question? We'll work to answer it.

    We make our experts available to answer your questions about the nutrition facts pertaining to our menus. 

  • Learn more about CHEW

    Our committee for healthy eating and wellness works to keep meals nutritious. Are you ready to join us? 

  • Learn about our Catering operation.

    UCCS Catering delivers high-quality food and service that you expect from the Dining and Hospitality Services.