Residential Meal Plans

Meal Plans


First-year student residents are automatically enrolled in the 300 Block Plan as part of their room and board package. However, they have the option to upgrade to the 300 Block Platinum plan for an enhanced dining experience.

Both plans offer 300 meal swipes per semester along with a Flex Dollar balance. Meal swipes are redeemable at our dining facilities, while Retail Swipes can be used at Cafe '65, Big Cat Coffee, Hybl Cafe, and Alpine Express, with each swipe valued at $7.50. Any remaining balance can be settled with Clyde's Cash, Flex dollars, or a credit card. *Flex dollars carry over from the fall semester to the spring semester if a meal plan is purchased for the spring term.

Additionally, upper-class apartment residents, off-campus students, faculty, and staff can choose from a variety of Block and Subscription meal plans. Meal plan selections are made during the housing application process for students residing in UCCS housing.

Please note that meals are served during the fall and spring semesters, with limited availability during fall and spring breaks, and no service during winter break.


300 Block

$2,390 (First Year Required Meal Plan)

  • 300 meal swipes per semester
  • 5 Guest Meals
  • $50 Flex Dollars
  • 1 Retail Swipe a Day
  • Flex Rollover Fall to Spring*
300 Block Platinum

$2,785 (Upgrade Option for First-Year Students)

  • 300 Meal Swipes Per Semester
  • 10 Guest Meals
  • $275 Flex Dollars
  • 2 Retail Swipes a Day
  • Flex Rollover Fall to Spring*
100 Block


  • 100 Meal Swipes Per Semester
  • 5 Guest Meals
  • $100 Flex Dollars
  • 1 Retail Swipe a Day
  • Flex Rollover Fall to Spring*

50 Block


  • 50 meal swipes per semester
  • $50 flex dollars
  • 1 Retail Swipe a Day
  • Flex Rollover Fall to Spring*
25 Block


  • 25 meal swipes per semester
  • 1 Retail Swipe a Day

Dining Glossary

Learn more about your meal plan with a quick peak at our glossary.

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Clyde's Cash

Clyde’s Cash is a convenient way to pay for food on campus via your UCCS Lion One Card. Any person with a UCCS ID can simply add Clyde’s Cash to their card and use at any of the food venues on campus.