UCCS Catering Services

A plate full of dessert items as seen from above with the UCCS Dining and Hospitality Services logo superimposed

This page is being updated with new menus for Spring 2022. Contact event services for more details.

(719) 255-3664 | events@uccs.edu


UCCS Catering delivers the high quality of food and service that you expect from the self-operated Dining and Hospitality Services (DHS).  Formal or informal, we will create an exceptional and memorable event. We are at your service.

When planning an event with on-the-go meals, you must identify someone on your staff to distribute meals to your guests. In addition, please be aware that if you are ordering a hot option, we must have access to a plug near the service table to keep food hot. 

For more information regarding UCCS catering services, please contact Event Services at 719-255-3664 or email us at events@uccs.edu.

Why choose Dining and Hospitality Services Catering?

Your money stays at UCCS and also helps support student employment. Please peruse your on-campus catering options as listed below: