Roaring Fork at UCCS

Roaring Fork

Roaring Fork at UCCS

Roaring Fork is an eatery located on the UCCS campus.

Roaring Fork is located within the residence hall village near the Alpine Garage at UCCS. 

360-degree Photo Tours

Wondering what the interior of the Roaring Fork Dining Hall looks like? We took some 360-degree images during the quarantine on campus and would love to share those pix with you! Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Roaring Fork Dining Hall - First Floor
Take a look at the first floor of Roaring Fork from inside one of the stations
Roaring Fork Dining Hall - Second Floor
Check out the upper floor at Roaring Fork, including the beautiful view
Roaring Fork Dining Hall - Alpine Express
Look around Alpine Express, our own convenience store inside Roaring Fork
Roaring Fork - With People!
And because it looks lonely during quarantine, check it out with people!
Mardi Gras at Roaring Fork
Watch a time-lapse video of Mardi Gras 2019 at Roaring Fork Dining Hall